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Advantages of Networking

There is a standard phrase that the birds neither sow nor reap, and yet they get their food. But, there is an untold part for this phrase. No bird sitting in its nest will ever get any food. In order to get food, it has to go out and look for food. For start-up and expanding businesses, networking is the starting point for making connections and eventually getting business. Giving is considered to be more graceful than receiving since the power of giving is unique. If it was an absolute science, the basic rule for networking would have been "Give First, Receive Later". If networking is to be truly successful, the participants should demonstrate utmost honesty and a desire to help others in their businesses. Usually the giver will ultimately get, but it may not necessarily be from those to whom help was given; their help comes from unimaginable sources and sometimes, even from outside of the networking group. Therefore, only those persons who enjoy the graceful act of giving and forming a support group should participate in the networking that is promoted by The Sound of Business.

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