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Importance of Mentoring

All of us, as individuals, start our journey in the world by receiving all the essentials, from nature, parents, other relatives, friends, teachers, supervisors, and so on. Every receiver has a moral obligation to give back something in return to the community where we work and live. Mentoring is one of the noble acts of giving back. Sharing of one's own knowledge and experience with somebody who lacks them will empower the latter. There are many people desperately looking for advice, suggestions and opinions when they face difficult business situations. This need can be overwhelming and there is a huge gap to be filled. Due to the lack of guidance, several people would not start a business, while a majority of those who started, fails within the first few years. The Sound of Business is trying to address this issue by providing a facilitating role of connecting Mentees with Mentors. In some situations, a Mentor specialized in one area/discipline may need help with another area/discipline, and this forum will try to fulfill that need as well.

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