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The primary role of The Sound of Business is to facilitate mentoring by connecting both the Mentee and the Mentor. We do not accept any responsibility of whatsoever nature for the outcome of the mentoring process or conduct of the parties, other than facilitating the process after a preliminary evaluation of the backgrounds of both the Mentee and the Mentor. It is absolutely up to the Mentee and the Mentor to decide whether they should evaluate each other's backgrounds in detail, get references, criminal check & other reports, and also to come to a conclusion as to the duration and also how, when and where the mentoring should take place. For these reasons, both the Mentee and the Mentor should have the legal age. Even when a party makes any misrepresentation, either as to their age or as to any other matters, we are not responsible for its consequences. For all administrative purposes, both the prospective Mentee and the Mentor must make sure that they are communicating with persons as informed by The Sound of Business. When the prospective Mentee and the Mentor provide their personal and other information to The Sound of Business, they agree that only such information as they feel comfortable sharing with the probable counterparts are provided to us. They also need to be aware of the risk of providing information over the internet. The use of such information will be the sole responsibility of the recipients. Just as with any other venture/activity/endeavour, in mentoring also, there is the inherent risk of spending time and/or money and getting nothing out of it. There is no guarantee that a prospective Mentee will be able to find a suitable Mentor and vice versa. We cannot control the behaviour and conduct of others and therefore cannot guarantee good conduct by the participants. The fact that mentoring may result in any future business to us or our associates/partners will only be considered coincidental and therefore will not give rise to any party to make us responsible for any actions, inactions or omissions of any party and their consequences/damages in the mentoring process.