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There are reasonable working rules for networking, conduct of meetings, giving referrals, follow up of referrals, etc. Generally, people tend to give business to those who are helpful to them. However, there is no guarantee that the networking Members will get any business. The success in getting a business depends upon a number of factors, such as, but not limited to, honesty, education, experience/previous work history, background, dedication, desire, empathy, motivation etc. of various functionaries in the networking process, and also other things such as effective follow up of leads & other information, fulfillment of client/customer expectations, post-sales follow ups, customer care and so on. Just as with any other business/venture/activity/endeavour, in business networking also, there is the inherent risk of spending time and/or money/capital and getting nothing out of it. Reasonable efforts will be taken to prevent misrepresentations; however, we cannot control the behaviour and conduct of others and therefore cannot guarantee good conduct by participants. Participants must, at their sole discretion, take all necessary precautions before acting upon any lead, referral or business. They are also encouraged to ask for detailed terms of use and TSB policies before they involve in any capacity.